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The Kinectinator

The Kinectinator is a Kinect-controlled turret. If a human walks in range of the Kinect, the Kinectinator starts tracking the human with a pan/tilt foam dart shooter and after a few seconds of tracking, it fires the dart. The original version was built as a Kinect demo for the Tech Olympics in Cincinnati, OH on February 2013.

Here's an early video of it in action: (it was later changed to target mid-chest because getting shot in the face with a foam dart over and over again gets old)

The software is in two portions:
  • A PC program that works with the Kinect to track humans, identify target points and send control data to the sensor. It also displays some targeting info an graphics on the screen. (ooh, pretty).
  • An Arduino program that controls the pan/tilt servos and the pneumatic valve that makes the foam fly. It talks to the PC via a USB serial connection.

The Kinectinator hardware is a bracket that slides onto a Kinect. It holds the base servo of a small pan/tilt system. A bracket/manifold on the head of the pan/tilt takes tubing in from a 1/8" high-pressure line and connects it to an aluminum tube that holds the foam dart around it.

The Arduino source, 3D printer models and more detailed pictures of the build are forthcoming.

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